Mar 24, 2015


Damian Julio

Damian: Eleven Months

Dear Damian,

I’m so excited that you’re eleven months! There are so many things you can do now. My favorite is that you finally stopped eating sand at the beach (for the most part). You are now walking EVERYWHERE, way more than you’re crawling. I found it quite impossible to get any spectacular “eleven month” pictures of you because all you wanted to do was run around our living room. You give REAL kisses now, not open-mouthed face-eating slobbers (which I appreciated, too, but you know…). Your face gets so serious and you make a little “muah” sound when you give them. It melts my heart. You can identify things by pointing at them and saying, “there” (but it sounds more like “dair”). You clap your hands and have some pretty sweet dance moves. Every stage of babyhood is awesome and special in it’s own way, but I think this is my favorite.

You have about six teeth now, which is waaay more than your sister had at this age. You have four on the bottom and two on top. You love to eat, and you’ll eat pretty much anything except eggs. Your favorites this month have included boiled shrimp, barbacoa, and any sort of meat. You also love avocado and banana.

Your favorite toys are still anything with wheels. You love dragging toy cars along a couch or the floor. You’ve also shown a huge interest in MegaBlocks recently, and you’re starting to put them together trying to build towers like your sister does.

Things you love: The beach. Watching birds. Eating food.

Things you hate: Diaper changes (still, for some reason).

I love you so much my little “prince”(as your sister calls you). Here’s to the last month of being ZERO! Thank you for being my baby.