Aug 24, 2018


Ariela Selah, My Family

One Love

It has now been one year since Ariela Selah graced us with her presence on a warm summer morning in Puerto Vallarta. She’s grown to be the perfect little baby for our family. She’s obsessed with water and loves sitting in the shower or crawling (and now walking!) towards the sea at full speed. She can hold her breath underwater and float calmly on her back. She loves, loves, love being at the beach. She also loves FOOD! She’ll eat all of the fruits and vegetables, all day long if you let her. She can say “banana,” “agua,” “thank you,” “wow-wow” and a few other random words. She still nurses through the night (Ugh!) and day if she can. I enjoy her little baby cuddles and kisses. I’m so blessed to be her mama.