Jan 24, 2018


Ariela Selah

Ariela Selah: Five Months

Dear Ariela,

Today you are five months old. Your “oooos” and “aaahhs” have turned into “baaabaaabaas” and “paapaapaas” as you chat and sing away. You’re an expert at playing with toys now. You carefully reach and grasp for them, pick them up and look at them, shake them around, and put them in your mouth. You’re trying so hard to sit up but can only last a few seconds before toppling over. You still love rolling around, though, and move from back to belly and back again. You love cuddling and are still sleeping in our bed. You’re still exclusively breastfeeding, and enjoy nursing frequently, including several times at night. You still love bath time, and even showers. You don’t mind at all being splashed with water, and you usually try and grab it. You love to go for walks outside, especially when there’s a big body of water to look at. You’re getting bigger and more beautiful by the day, and we just love having you around.