Aug 24, 2021


Ariela Selah, Earth Strong

Ariela Selah: 4 Years

Dear Ariela,

Today you’re 4 YEARS OLD! I looked at you this morning before I woke you up with your birthday song and realized how much you’ve grown. You’re so LONG! And you’re so pretty. I think you look like your mama, but maybe I’m biased. 😉 You are much, much braver than I, though! You have spent the last few months CHARGING the waves! You are not afraid to go in the deep, past the second sandbar. You just can’t get enough of riding waves!

Yesterday you started your very first day of school. We’ve started a hybrid/in-person program, so I’ll still get to homeschool half the time. Your big sister and brother missed going in person, and when I went to enroll them you begged me to let you go too! When I dropped you off yesterday, you ran to your classroom you were so excited. I was so sad that I cried and cried! But I’m happy that you love it!

You love to draw pictures and sing songs. You love playing with baby dolls, and have a whole collection of all types and sizes. You’re so creative when you’re playing and painting.

Your favorite food is beans, but you also love avocado, oranges, and pancakes. You don’t like pizza but you’ll slam some macaroni and cheese. You love to try and help me cook. You still sleep near us, starting off the night in your own bed but managing to squeeze into our bed at some point. I don’t mind the cuddles.

You’re such a smart, beautiful, wonderful little daughter and I’m so so so lucky to be your mama.

Love you forever,