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A cold front blew in this week, which was a major bummer, but we still managed some beach and nature time, even among all the Christmas activities. Here’s what our last week of 2014 looked like…

Damian had a wonderful first Christmas. He spent a lot of time in the arms of various family members, and he loved unwrapping presents. He’s getting so talkative now, though it’s hard to get a “word” in with his big sister around. He’s so giggly and happy all the time, unless he’s tired. He recently started sleeping horizontally against our headboard, which is strange. Good thing we have a King size.
The first words out of Eva’s mouth the morning after Christmas were, “Did Santa Claus come?” Hahaha. Christmas is so much more fun when your toddler knows what’s going on (for the most part). She was bummed he didn’t make a second appearance, but she was very happy with all the toys she received this year.

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