This weekend we went up to New England again for the Boston Tattoo Convention. We left at midnight this time and we didn’t hit any traffic, which was great. The kids were able to sleep the whole time, which also made things easier. After the convention we drove another two hours to my friend Marisa’s house in Connecticut. It was built in the 1700’s so it’s probably the oldest house I’ve ever stayed the night in. Pretty neat.

Well it looks like Eva’s first day of school was harder on me than it was her. Her teacher said she was cheerful and curious the whole time, and didn’t cry or ask for me once. She didn’t have any potty accidents, even through her nap. When I went to pick her up she told her new friends, “Look, that’s my mommy!” Then she gave me a big hug (which she initiated) and told me she loves me. My heart melted. I’m so proud of my baby girl.

This week Damo turned 4 months old! He is getting better and better at sitting up every day. The girls at the Kid’s Klub says he loves playing in the exercise saucer (we don’t have one at home so I wouldn’t know). He’s such a little charmer around them.