Jan 18, 2014


Eva Pilar, Pregnancy, Week in Review


I keep forgetting to write about this in my blog, but Eva seems to be picking up a bit of a British/Swahili-style accent here. It’s only on words that I always speak to her in Spanish. Water, for example. Even if I’m speaking to her in English, I’ll still call water “agua.” So now whenever Eva does say water, she pronounces it, “Woo-tah” or something like that. It’s adorable. I have a video of it somewhere I’ll dig up eventually. This week Eva went down the pool slide at the Yacht Club all by herself. This was a huge deal for her, and she wanted to go again and again and again.

Pregnancy Update: According to my pregnancy app, I’ll be 2/3 through my pregnancy this week. I feel like Damian is reaching the peak of his fetal movement abilities. He’s constantly turning and kicking and punching to the point where it’s almost painful. Soon he’ll be too big for all that commotion, I think. I love it, though. It leads me to daydream about his tiny newborn body wriggling around in real life. IN OTHER NEWS… I’m still wearing Eva everyday and I’m dreading the day when she (and I) are too big for it (should that day ever come… I hope not).