Jan 22, 2020


Week in Review


This week I finally got to surf again!!! It was the first time since I was about seven months pregnant. I was so afraid I wouldn’t be able to catch a wave again (it’s this irrational fear I always have when I’m pregnant/post-partum), but I got a nice right, right off the bat. It felt SOOOOOOo goooood and I can’t wait to be able to spend more time in the water again.

This week was filled with rainy days, but we found plenty of time to play outside. We worked on the garden a little more, and we’re looking forward to Spring, but enjoying the time in between.

The other day I was in the post office with Elijah when a man was packing up some boxes. Every time the tape ripped, Elijah would start laughing hysterically. Big, belly laughs I hadn’t heard like that before from him. Everyone in the post office was laughing with him. It was adorable.