This week Eva finally started swimming lessons! I’ve basically been wanting to put her in them since she was born. Right now they’re just working on holding their breath for short distances underwater. Pretty neat! Also, Eva became completely obsessed with the movie Frozen this week. Her Grammy bought it for her while she was in town and we finally played it for her. She gets up and dances whenever the songs come on, and she knows some of the words already. It’s pretty funny.

This week Damian is giving us more giggles and coos. He’s really starting to use his vocal chords more (instead of just those little newborn grunts) and it’s so adorable. He slept better this week, and on the night he turned six weeks he actually gave me a SIX HOUR stretch! I was amazed. He seems to be MUCH bigger this week, too. I’m sure that’s why he’s sleeping better. We are now able to use the Bumbo chair, which he much prefers to anything else. He can’t stay in there too long before his little neck gets tired, but we’re practicing everyday. ????

For my morning routine, I usually put Damian for his one official nap of the day while I run on the treadmill. Well, the other morning he just wouldn’t go down, so I tried running while he was awake. Much to my surprise, he chilled for the whole three miles… and he did it with a smile on his face! Usually this kid doesn’t like to be lying down in one place for more than five minutes when awake. I was very grateful he let me workout.