Mar 24, 2014


Eva Pilar, Pregnancy, Week in Review


We were greeted by lots of snow and ice. Thankfully, it’s all gone now, but we’re expecting more tomorrow. Happy Spring, I guess? Haha. Other than that, we’re really happy with our new home. Like I’ve said a million times this week, we’re just really busy settling in. Here’s what it has looked like…

3/21/14 – The highlight of my week was getting back to the gym. I was so afraid that after a week of no running I wouldn’t be able to do my three miles again. It’s always exponentially more difficult to get back into a routine when you’re pregnant. But it turns out, I still got it. ???? Thankfully. Other than that, I’m looking forward to my first prenatal appointment here on Monday. It’s not a checkup or anything like that; I’m just meeting with the head of the OB department so they can get me set up.