Jan 4, 2014


Eva Pilar, Week in Review


I’ve decided to do a little something different this year. Last week I said I wasn’t going to participate in the portrait-a-week project because I thought I’d have too many weekly updates and they seem to get repetitive and overlap. I already do a pregnancy update, I’ve wanted to do a tot school update, and after the baby comes I’ll probably want to do fitness updates again. But I don’t want my whole blog to be a collection of weekly updates. I thought about it for a while and decided the best thing to do would be to put all my family updates in one weekly post. So here we go… here’s to the first week of 2014!

Pregnancy Update: I made it to the six month point! Woohoo. Baby is considered to be viable, though I’m not sure that makes a difference here in Tanzania because sadly I don’t think he’d have a chance. Other than that, I’ve had some pretty bad back pain and aches in general, but I know they’re nothing compared to what I have in store. Santa Claus treated me to a Thai massage earlier this week that made me wish I could get one every day. I’m really amazed at how big my belly is getting. It’s WAY bigger than last time, even though I was about 20lbs heavier then than I am now. I’ve began to look at hospitals in the Quantico area but still haven’t decided where the best place to deliver would be. The base there doesn’t have a delivery center of any kind so I have to look out in town. Does anyone have experience delivering in the Quantico/Washington DC area? IN OTHER NEWS… We’ve officially began packing up our house! I know many people dread this about moving, but I really love it. Even though I’m mostly a packrat, I love going through all of my stuff and deciding what to keep, donate, or sell. Now that I know baby #2 is a boy, I can get rid of a lot of the pink stuff I bought for Eva. I’ve sent a couple of boxes to her baby cousin and to my best friend who is currently expecting a girl. I’ve been able to sell a few things as well. We’re trying to get the movers here as soon as possible because who knows how long it will take to get to Virginia. I’m really hoping it arrives before Damian does. Unpacking with a newborn will be no fun. I really want to have everything ready for him. I seriously doubt that will happen, though. Another thing we’ve sold is our truck! I was really planning on keeping that thing forever, but someone here really, really wanted it so we decided just to get a new one when we get back to the States. I’ll miss it, but at least we won’t have to wait for a vehicle along with all of our other things.