Nov 10, 2013


Eva Pilar

Eva Pilar: 20 Months

Evita Pilar,

Today you are 20 months old. In just 4 months you’ll be 2. It seems so close, especially considering I don’t even know where we’ll be living. Wherever it is, I know you’ll have no trouble adjusting and fitting in. You’re still such a happy, laid back baby no matter where in the world we whisk you.

I’m so proud of you. You are completely daytime potty trained now- and even passed your “peeing in someone else’s potty with no baby seat” test twice when we were out and about last week. You look so cute running around in your little underwear all day.

Your attention span has finally expanded enough for you to become very interested in learning. You almost have counting to 10 down, but trip up with “four” and “seven” for some reason. You’ve recently become obsessed with the alphabet, or “A’s” as you call it. You have a set of flashcards I bought for $1 last time we were in the States, and you always ask to see it. You study the letters and confidently, but incorrectly, tell me what each letter is. You have a couple of them down, but you’ll get the rest with time. I’m just happy you have such an interest in learning. I’ve decided to start “tot school” next week and really get into some structured teaching. We’ll see how it goes.

You also love books and bring a stack of them to me several times throughout the day. You’ve already memorized your favorites and will “fill in the blank” if I pause at a certain word. Your favorite books this month are The Foot Book and Buenas Noches, Luna. As soon as I finish reading either one of them you look at me, tilt your little head to the side, and say, “Again?” How can I possibly resist? So I read the books again, over and over until I’m reciting them in my sleep (or pregnancy insomnia).

Your favorite game is hide-and-go seek. You whisper, “Hide, hide” and you run off somewhere, usually behind the curtains where I can spot your little feet at the bottom. Your favorite snack is a tie between apples and bananas. Your favorite meal is spicy ground beef and rice. Your favorite color seems to be yellow, but I think it’s just because you like saying, “Amarillo.” Your favorite song is still, “Happy Birthday.” The only show you’ll pay any attention to on television is still Elmo (not the rest of Sesame Street, just Elmo). You’ll also glance at the television if you see babies. Other than that, you have no interest in it, which I’m actually not all that excited about because you’ve become a terror when I’m trying to run on my treadmill. For some reason you really don’t like me on there. You’ll tell me you need to go ca-ca every five minutes just to get me to stop for a few.

You wish you could spend all your waking hours outdoors. Every morning, without fail, you’re not awake for more than ten minutes before you ask, “Outside?” or “Beach?” I’ve been bad about taking you to the beach this month. Between having a friend visiting for two weeks, being tired, and then getting sick we’ve only been a handful of times. I’m sorry about that. I promise we’ll have more beach time this month.

I’m having so much fun watching you grow and become your own little person. You’re so much fun to be around and play with. I love you so much, sweetie pie. Thanks for being mine.