Jul 24, 2014


Damian Julio

Damian Julio: Three Months

Damian Julio,

Three months! Oh my goodness. Does that mean you’re not a newborn anymore? I don’t know, but you’re definitely becoming more and more like a “real” baby. You’re even more talkative and giggly than ever. You love looking at yourself in the mirror. You’re starting to reach for things and swat at things. You love tugging at my hair or shirt while nursing. You demand to be in the upright position unless you’re eating or napping. You just have to see what’s going on around you. Thank goodness I can face you forward in baby carriers now because that’s the only way I can get anything done.

This month you went on your first multi-state road trip. We drove to Boston where we spent your first Independence Day. You did a lot better on the car ride than I thought you would.

You also started going to the Kid’s Club at my gym. I fibbed and told them you were three months old weeks ago. I was really worried you’d cry and demand to be held the whole time, but they always tell me how good you’ve been so I’m happy about that.

And you’re just so handsome. Lately you’ve been doing this one-side-of-the-mouth smile and I just melt. I know you’re going to be a charmer.

Things you love: You love staring at your sister. You love going for walks outside. You love swimming in the pool. You love cuddling after bath time.

Things you hate: You still hate your car seat. You’re feeling better about naps and your swing (thank goodness).

As much as I’ll miss cuddling with the tiny newborn version of yourself, I’m really excited about the coming stages. I love you baby boy. Thank you for being mine.