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We finally found a beach! Sort of. It’s a Potomac River beach with what I think is imported sand. It’s obviously not a substitute for the ocean but it’s only a few miles from our house and Eva had a blast. Next time we go I’ll bring my camera to take pictures of it with something other than my phone.

12 weeeks! Wow. I’m pretty sure Damian has recently completed a learning leap. He can do a lot more things with his voice and he’s always using it. He has also been sucking on his fists nonstop. Sometimes he even stops nursing so that he can suck on his fists instead. I hope it’s not teething. Eva didn’t get any teeth until she was 9 or 10 months old (I don’t even remember anymore! Gah!). Other than that, he got to go in the pool a few times this week, which he loved. It was a good week for us.

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