I still can’t believe my baby girl is a big sister. She’s handling it much better than I expected and she’s making me so proud. She’s jealous when it comes to the baby’s stuff (blankets, co-sleeper, etc.), but she’s always trying to help. She loves just looking at her baby brother. My heart melts when she lets an, “I love you” or “Don’t cry, baby” slip out.

Damian nurses about every two hours (sometimes even more frequently) but my milk just came in yesterday so we’ll see if that changes anything. I’m exhausted! Here are a few pictures from his first three days of life…

On the morning of my birthday Eva helped my sister-in-law bake me a cake. The rest of the day was spent lounging around the house, with a quick trip to Buy Baby Buy where I bought a new nursing bra, and peepee teepees. People warned me about changing baby boy’s diapers, but I didn’t realize how powerful their little stream is, haha.

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